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Dry eye

Lacrimal gland dysfunction is a major cause of dry eye disease
The era of antiaging ophthalmology comes of age: antiaging approach for dry eye treatment.
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Currently, there is no therapy available to recover lacrimal function to its normal status.
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Advantage of AH-201-DE :
Dry eye is an aging process of lacrimal gland of eye which is well recognized recently.
AH-201-DE is the first small molecule through antiaging approach for dry eye drug discovery.
AH-201-DE is an endogenous EPO inducer for activating mitochondria biogenesis and hemoglobin production in lacrimal gland.
So far, no effective therapy for dry eye, AH-201-DE can expand the global market for dry eye.
We are on-going the pre-IND meeting to TFDA.
Global market for dry eye
Transparency Market Research(2018,Jan)
estimates that the dry eye disease market will expand at a CAGR of 4.5% over the forecast period between 2017 and 2025. Escalating at this pace, the market, which had a valuation of US$ 5 billion in 2016 in terms of revenue, is projected to rise to US$ 7,780.0 Mn by 2025.
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Antiaging approach for dry eye had been highlighted as “comes of age”,
EH-201 is the unique one for recovery the tear gland dysfuction,
instead of current eye drugs most belong to inhibit on dry eye induced inflammation approach.
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Takeda is offloading dry-eye drug Xiidra to Novartis for up to $5.3 billion, including upfront cash $3.4 billion and milestone based follow-up payments in 2019. Novartis gives up on Xiidra‘s EU approval in 2020 June after EMA regulators there raised “major objections” that ” Specifically, the agency concluded that Xiidra hadn't proven effective across different symptoms of dry eye disease. the improvement was not considered clinically significant,”.
Xiidra (Lifitegrast) inhibits an integrin, LFA-1), from binding to ICAM-1. This mechanism down-regulates inflammation mediated by T lymphocytes.
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