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Global market for cardiovascular disease
GLOBE NEWSWIRE Dublin, Jan. 05, 2018
According to the WHO, CVD is responsible for approximately 15 million deaths each year across the globe.
WHO states that it is a major cause of death in adults and accounts for 50% of total deaths worldwide.
Cardiovasc J Afr. 27(5): 293, 2016
The cardiovascular disease market is set to grow from $129.2 billion in 2015 to $146.4 billion by 2022.
The Lancet 390:1981, 2017
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is a heterogeneous disorder that remains incompletely understood and will continue to increase in prevalence with the ageing population. No therapy has conclusively shown a significant effect. Hopefully, future studies will address these unmet needs for patients with heart failure.
Nature Reviews Cardiology. 14(4):238-250, 2017
Existing therapies provide symptomatic and clinical benefit, but do not fully address molecular abnormalities that occur in cardiomyocytes. This shortcoming is particularly important given that most patients with heart failure have viable dysfunctional myocardium, in which an improvement or normalization of function might be possible. mitochondrial dysfunction seems to be an important target for therapy to improve cardiac function directly.
Advantage of AH-101-CVD:
Novel mechanism commend as large unmet medical need from reviewer of top Journal.
AH-101-CVD is an EPO inducer for activating mitochondrial biogenesis and hemoglobin production.
AH-101-CVD can improve the ultrastructure of cardiomyocytes, as ultimate goal for cardiovascular drug.
AH-101-CVD is quite safe. 3 months repeat oral toxicity in rat is safe in 2500mg/Kg, in beagle is safe in 640mg/Kg. The effective dose in mouse are 30mg/kg and 90mg/kg, equivalent to 50mg/day/60Kg/patient and 450mg/day/60Kg/patient.
AH-101-CVD could be extracted from plant, and easy to chemical synthesis or produced by plant tissue culture.




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